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Receiving Texts
Unlike many of our competitors every Precise SMS account comes complete with your own SMS mobile number (MISDN) which means that if your clients, employees or customers want to reply to any text you have sent then you'll receive instant notification of this.

Email notifications...
Whenever a message is received through you Precise SMS account we send you a notification via email which means you don't even have to log in to your account to stay in touch

Keyword Interaction
Over recent years the use of text 'keywords' in advertising and marketing literature has become common place. The Precise SMS keyword system is configurable to allow you to process multiple messages in order to esure you receive all the information required to generate warm leads.

Auto Responders...
To ensure that your customers know that you have received their text we automatically send out an acknowledgement on your behalf. This acknowledgement can be customised within your account settings and provides seamless interaction with them. The autoresponder can be configured so that anyone not on your contacts list will receive it.