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SMS Services & Features

Messaging Services

Precise SMS offers a suite of applications that may be configured in 18 different languages which include: English, French, Deutsch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Vietnamese and Thai.


A simple to use facility that enables you to send SMS messages to up to 50 recipients.

• Type or copy and paste the names of 1-50 recipients

• Choose your message ID (Alphanumeric or 2-way Virtual Mobile Number)

• Send your message


Send large amounts of message to contacts and groups in your address book


Upload and send messages to large numbers of contacts in multiple file formats.


Receive all your inbound messages in place.


xls-2SMS is a powerful ad-in for Microsoft Excel software which enables you to send message directly from within an open spreadsheet. Deliver reports and inbound messages are also received into your spreadsheet, avoiding the need to exit the application. It also includes an advanced filtering system for greater control with contact management.

Additional Messaging Service
PSMS Premium Short-Codes

Precise SMS is able to provide a range of Short-Code services. Typically this type of service are used in TV advertising and Radio quizz shows and requires that a keyword is sent to a 5 digit number called a short-code. A further example could be that you text a car registration number such as 'KA10JBC' to 8095 and receive further details about the vehicle Please telephone us or complete our enquiry form and we will contact you to discuss your specific requirements

Utilities & Tools

PSMS Address Book

Store and manage your contacts in the cloud – create unlimited contact groups

PSMS Sent Messages

Not just a receptacle for messages you have sent but also tracks all message activities of your account. This utility is also a comprehensive report centre and provides a detailed data summary of your account activities.

PSMS HLR Look-up

The Precise SMS Home Location Register (HLR) number lookup system is linked to a central database containing details of each mobile phone subscriber that is connected to and uses the GSM core network. Network operators identify each mobile phone subscriber by their particular number and by using technology which tells them the location of a call, user preferences and account status.

Reseller Zone

Reseller Services

Want to resell SMS services to your existing clients? With Reseller Zone you can manage client accounts and prices. We do not take commissions - we give you a price and you set the price at which you resell. Other features include:

• Add or remove credits from your clients.

• Set you own currency table and rates and add new users.

Customisation Centre

Customise the application’s appearance – change the layout and theme of your customer area – change contact data if required.

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