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SMS Marketing
In today's hectic world getting a message to your target audience an be fraught with complication; e-mails are block by spam filters, letters are thrown in the bin, phone calls are ignored. With Precise SMS you can change all of that. Text messaging is the only medium where you have direct access to an individual through the device they carry with at all times - the mobile phone.

Opt In - Opt Out
In order to ensure our clients stay within the letter of the law Precise SMS automatically manages 'opt in' and 'opt out' request
s. This ensures that your messages are being received by the people who want them and you don't get charged for wasted texts. Your customers simply have to text 'STOP' to prevent further messages and 'START' to reinstate them - you will receive a noticication of those customers that have opted out.

Bulk SMS Gateway
Precise SMS are capable of processing thousands of text messages per minute so once you have decided on your marketing campaign and your target audience you can be sure that your message will be delivered in seconds

Marketing Response
Because every Precise SMS account has it's own reply number you can quickly gauge the response to your campaign with any replies received and interact with the customer accordingly.