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Interactive Texts
Interactive keywords are now embedded in our daily lives, from TV shows to newspaper advertisements the phrase 'Text "ABC" to 07895...' has become the norm and with good reason; The ability to send a text and instantly receive back the information needed has made the text option the 'must have' in customer service.


The use of keywords allows you to create a targeted response to your customer enquiries. The Precise SMS system evaluates each incoming text
and if the first word of the message matches a keyword that you have set up it will automatically send back the response you have defined for it. It can even be set up to send a response that requests more information from the sender, for example, their name and address, and waits for this to be received before sending you the whole transaction by email and into your account inbox.

Seamless Interaction

To the end user the interactive keyword functionality is seen as seamless - they send a text, they instantly receive
a text back, they send their details and they receive an immediate thank you - to them it's as if you were sending the text personally - it even allows for spelling mistakes. This is what has made the Precise SMS system so popular as it will do this even whilst you sleep!

Targetted Advertising
Ever wondered which adverts are bringing the best response? Our keyword system can tell you. By setting up different keywords for each advertising campaign we can provide statistics of the responses received so you can ensure your advertising budget is spent
in the right place

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