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Q. When I send a text message from my PC can the person I sent it to reply back to me?

A. Yes they can. Every package we offer comes complete with a mobile number that is unique to you and when you send a message that number is displayed on their phone. The recipient can reply back in exactly the same way as they would do for any other text message

Q. How do I read their replies?

A. There are two ways. Firstly, you can read all your incoming messages by simply logging on to your PreciseSMS account on the internet. You can also set up your account to forward all your incoming messages and replies to a preferred e-mail address.

Q. Is PreciseSMS a premium rate service?

A. No, PreciseSMS is not a premium rate service. We do not charge, or make any profit from your customers, friends or family who may text you on your PreciseSMS number

Q. Do you offer short code numbers?

A. Yes we do, but we have found that from experience that many customers associate short code numbers with premium rate costs and as a result marketing campaigns receive fewer responses. PreciseSMS costs about 1/10th that of a short code number to operate and does not have the stigma of recent bad publicity surrounding premium rate text messages.

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