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Global Coverage
Precise SMS is able to deliver your messages to 210 countries through 800 mobile networks around the world. Click here to download a list of countries we are able to service. Every Precise SMS account provides outbound and inbound delivery of text messages; this includes the cost of sending your SMS which is dependent on the destination country to which you are sending.

Professional Service
At Precise SMS we do not complicate our service by offering different levels of throughput, but simply guarantee to deliver your messages through the fastest and most secure route wherever your destination in the world. If you have a requirement for sending messages through your own systems, please contact us to discuss your specific needs in detail.

Mobile Verification

Using our Home Locator Register (HLR) technology we enable our customers to check that mobile numbers are valid or operational, thereby saving them time and money from sending messages to numbers that are non-functional – dependent on your volumes this can result in considerable savings especially when sending message in great volumes and around the world.