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Precise SMS Ltd provides online SMS text messaging services that enable businesses to achieve timely and effective communications with everyone they do business with every day.

Established in 2010, the simple premise behind the services provided by Precise SMS is to enable companies and individuals to achieve instantaneous contact with their colleagues and the people they do business with. This is achieved by using the power of the Internet to deliver SMS text messaging services from a scalable and reliable platform that utilises the latest in ‘Cloud’ computing technology.

Statistics and analysis has shown that when measured against other messaging mediums, SMS texting messages are up to 90% more likely to be opened and read and people will generally look at their mobile phones up to 150 times per day when compared with checking emails on average 10 times per day – clearly, this must make SMS text messaging a compelling part of any marketing and communications strategy.

We have made it as easy as possible for businesses to access and use Precise SMS text messaging services. Provided you have an Internet connection, any PC, Smartphone or Tablet can used to access a rich but simple to use suite of applications.

The Precise SMS online texting service is targeted at any business, club or society with members they need to keep in touch with or businesses that need to communicate with colleagues, customers and suppliers. The service enables secure and instant contact through their mobiles phones 365 days of the year and wherever they may be…

At the heart of Precise SMS is an ethos based on true customer services. In any business where a product or service is being supplied, things will occasionally go wrong. At Precise SMS we measure the quality of our service by being able to respond in timely manner to any issues and by having a total commitment to resolving any problems that might arise as quickly as possible. We are passionate about our business and are proud to be a supplier to a number of large multinationals who use our services on a daily basis to companies who send message broadcasts once or twice each year.

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