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Sending Texts
Precise SMS allows you to send text messages in the way that best suits your business model.

Whether you want to send messages to individual, a group of contacts or from data extracted from your own systems we have the solution that can meet your needs.

Sometimes 160 characters isn't enough...
Sending texts can sometimes feel restrictive. At Precise SMS we recognise this and that's why our system allows you to get the message across by sending messages up to 960 characters long. Our multi part messaging system allows mobile users to receive your message the way it was meant to be - complete!

1,000's of Customers? Excel-lent!
Ever wanted to get a personal message across to 1,000's of customers or contacts?

At Precise SMS we have developed our Excel SMS processor. Simply create a mail merged Microsoft Excel document, upload it to our server and we'll do the rest. All your message's will be sent within seconds so you can relax and await the response.

Automated Notifications.
Still spending hours calling each of your customers to notify them of deliveries, orders or appointments? With Precise SMS we can link to your systems and automatically send a text message and update them whenever it's needed freeing up your valuable resource to continue with their value added activities.